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“I love The Aurora Project, it means more people will come to TELUS World of Science – Edmonton and more people will come to the revelation that science is more than they thought. They might become doctors or even help wildlife – the one thing that is for sure is that it will bring more knowledge into our community.” says Alexandra Bucknell.
Alexandra is a bright, passionate 17-year-old and a former student team lead for TELUS World of Science – Edmonton’s Robotics Team. In 2020 she begins her first year at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Design. Alexandra’s passion for science was ignited when she was a young child in the Zeidler Dome. “I think when you are surrounded by the sky, you see how big the universe truly is. I remember my jaw literally dropping and being so in awe of what was possible. It was the beginning of my passion for science.”

As a teenager, she was asked to join the student-led science centre Robotics Team. “I was so hesitant at first, I knew nothing about coding and nothing about robotics, and I thought I wasn’t ‘brainy’ enough for science.”

By joining the Robotics Team slowly my confidence grew and I learned to code. I used to put science in a separate box and think that I had to be the ‘best’, but the science centre completely redefined what science meant to me. I began to realize how much science was about creativity. This transformed my world and led me to where I am now as I begin my degree in the Faculty of Design.”

“TELUS World of Science - Edmonton isn’t just a place to go, it’s a collection of big moments and memories for me. It’s not about the space, it’s about the experience. You learn so much every time you go and everyone you meet here will inspire you. You get to keep that.”

“If you are considering making a donation to The Aurora Project, please go for it! You will make a huge change. It isn’t just an investment in construction and space, it’s an investment in knowledge. You will come in and see a kid’s eyes light up because they just learned something new or found out what they want to do with their lives. Your donation will do that. You are investing in the ability for people to make change and to open up their future possibilities.”

... because the sky isn't her limit

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Spaces like our new STEAM Engine Makerspace give youth and adults access to tools like laser cutters, 3D printers, circuit boards and more. This access helps our guests tinker, test, and build new solutions for our community.

John Chu
Science Centre Volunteer

“TELUS World of Science - Edmonton helps students grow in confidence and allows them to someday contribute their knowledge and innovative ideas to workplaces across Alberta.”

Jackson & Tracy
von der Ohe
The Aurora Project donors

“Our gift to The Aurora Project will provide an opportunity to enrich programming through the development of creative and innovative spaces. We hope these spaces will be settings for new experiences and interactions with the sciences. We want to contribute to lots of "I Wonder" moments...”

How Can You Support the Aurora Project?

Previous donors to The Aurora Project have helped Alexandra discover her love of science.

Your donation will change lives and inspire many more families
. You are investing in the future innovators of your community.

Your gift allows for children to have that moment of awe that forever changes their lives and opens up a whole new world to explore and grow. We continue to inspire generations of astronauts, innovators, and big dreamers – with your help we will continue to engage Albertan’s hearts and minds in science.

You can donate online now, or by contacting Erin Mulcair, Campaign Manager, at 780-452-9100 ext. 2379. Please consider a monthly donation or a one-time gift, every donation big and small makes a difference.