Jill's Story

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Jill Fraser is a Grade 4 teacher and was very excited to participate in Science School, a week-long program offered by the science centre allowing students to immerse themselves in a science topic of their choice.

“If I can help build their confidence at 9 years old and have them fall in love with science, they will persevere as it gets harder!” Jill said.

Jill’s class got to experience two of the new galleries that are a part of The Aurora Project. The updated Science Garage was one of the class’s favourites because of its hands-on design engineering activities. Her class was also very engaged as they helped with animal care in The Nature Exchange. These experiences helped grow the confidence of Jill’s students.

“One of my students is learning English and though she was able to write and read, she usually spoke in one-word responses. By the second day at the science centre, she started speaking a lot more! She asked me questions and engaged in conversation with the whole class. I was stunned when she came up with her group’s project theme and grabbed a microphone to speak to everyone!"

After Science School she turned in her essay and it began with: “Science School was the best week of my life”. This was such an amazing moment. This program brought out her confidence and completely changed her life.”

“You are giving children a once in a lifetime experience as you allow them to shine in a way I haven’t seen before. As our community grows we need to continue to have the younger generation learn from the older generation. The schools need to be a part of the community as much as the community needs to be a part of our schools. This is what the science centre’s Science School and The Aurora Project does and there is nothing like it.

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Erin Reilly
Principal, Red Earth Creek School

“When the Science in Motion team visits our school in Northern Alberta, they bring science to life. We cannot provide this experience normally, and this visit will be etched in the student’s memories forever. After Science in Motion, we see kids we may not have expected who begin to show a lot of interest in science. I have no doubt we will see thank you emails years from now from those students who went on to become engineers and scientists.”

Carla Prado
Professor Human Nutrition, University of Alberta

"The Aurora Project will open doors to a world of possibilities and build future leaders in STEAM. The Health Zone opening in 2021 will highlight interesting facts about our health. It will showcase health research from fellow Edmontonians and put our city on the map for health innovation and leadership."

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Previous donors to The Aurora Project have forever changed the lives of Jill’s students through the new spaces and programs at the science centre.

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