Stephanie's Story

Invest in the limitless potential of our children and future generations to come
When CuriousCITY, the early childhood development gallery opened in 2019 as a part of The Aurora Project, Stephanie and her two young kids were so happy they had a space to be active and have one-on-one time as a family to explore every week.

“As a winter city, we need places to go where we can get out and move. CuriousCITY is a space where they feel safe to explore but also challenged to learn new things and choose their own adventure. Even at this young age, I have seen them learning the link between cause and effect. They play with the ball machine and test out how they can place it to make it shoot out a certain way.”

One of Stephanie’s favourite memories at the science centre was seeing her kids interact with the exhibit when they came on a field trip.
It was so empowering to watch them. As their class arrived in CuriousCITY, Jude and Gloria took on a leadership role. After all of the time they had spent exploring, they became the teachers and were able to share it with all of their friends.”

“Your donation to The Aurora Project is to current mini science lovers and future ‘grown-up’ scientists and science lovers. It’s a donation to families.”

“It has changed our family and is so important because as my kids grow, so does their interest in science. The updated exhibits meet their growing excitement and intelligence. The innovative direction the science centre is moving right now is right in stride with the way families and individuals are evolving.

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Your donation allows us to expand our programming to reach over 500,000 guests annually.

Nature Exchange Enthusiast, age 11

“The science centre needs donations so that all of us can keep learning!”

Jennifer Gibbens
Harrison's Mom

“The hands-on experience for every age is priceless! Harrison is able to talk to expert staff and even teach kids around him what he’s learned in The Nature Exchange trading rocks. Not every family has the time to go every week, but through your school and outreach programs, you are impacting so many kids.”

How Can You Support the Aurora Project?

Previous donors to The Aurora Project have supported families like Stephanie's by giving them space to explore and grow every week.

Your donation will change lives and inspire many more families
. You are investing in the future innovators of your community.

Your gift allows for children to have that moment of awe that forever changes their lives and opens up a whole new world to explore and grow. We continue to inspire generations of astronauts, innovators, and big dreamers – with your help we will continue to engage Albertan’s hearts and minds in science.

You can donate online now, or by contacting Erin Mulcair, Campaign Manager, at 780-452-9100 ext. 2379. Please consider a monthly donation or a one-time gift, every donation big and small makes a difference.